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Metal roofing is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a long-lasting roofing system for your home. What was once primarily used for commercial roofing purposes is now an innovative solution for residential properties. From the performance point of view, metal roofing is highly resistant to fire and extreme weather conditions.

Similarly, it provides very high performance for up to 50 years with relatively low maintenance requirements, making it a particularly good solution for a subtropical climate. On the other hand, when it comes to appearance, metal roofing can match any home or neighborhood thanks to the wide variety of styles and colors available to choose.

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Main Advantages of Metal Roofing

A Lasting investment

  • Although the cost of a metal roof is higher than the cheaper alternatives, the benefits will start to pay off in the long run. A metal roof can last up to 50+ years and withstand the harshest conditions that a storm can bring. Buying a metal roof is a great option for homeowners who don’t want to worry about keeping the roof over their heads.

Extremely Resistant Material

  • If you choose to go with a metal roofing solution, your home is better equipped to handle anything mother nature throws at it. From extreme heat, high winds, hail, salty air, and even fire. Your metal roof will withstand it all.

Wide Variety Of Styles

  • One might think that a metal roof would look cold, unwelcoming, or industrial. But there has been significant innovations in this product line. We can install a metal roof on your home in various styles that will make your neighbors envy your home. Please consult with your project manager the specifics of how you want your home to look like. We will help set you up with a brand-new metal roof.

Low Maintenance Required

  • Metal roofs don’t need a constant expensive maintenance that other roofing materials often require. However, they should be inspected regularly to make sure there is no damage.

Eco-Friendly Solution

  • For those trying to live a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle, a roofing solution that can be recycled at the end of the material’s life cycle is a necessity. This is the case with metal roofing. Because they are entirely recyclable, and are often already produced with 25% recycled materials. It’s equally important to protect your home from nature as it is to protect nature from your impact. Get a roof that can do both!

Energy Efficient

  • A roof, installed for a long run benefit, is often underrated. Metal roofs are known to reduce your heating and energy costs up to 40%! This is due to the heat deflection and insulation of the metal roof. If you’ve noticed that your heating or energy bills have significantly increased over the past months, maybe you should consider a new roof. Further, you should consider getting a new metal roof! Give our team a call today to set up your free estimate on your property.

Financing Opportunities

If you are worried about the considerable upfront cost of a new metal roof, we offer our customers financing programs. Ygrene Financing is available to homeowners who are doing ecological and sustainable home improvement projects.

Ygrene only looks at your home’s equity and does not need your credit score for you to qualify for a loan. Find out more information at or contact us to discuss your options!


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