From the smallest repair job, to the largest commercial roofing project, the professionals at Superior One Roofing and Construction have you covered! Regardless of the size, we treat every project equally. Your needs are as important to us as the are to you. When you have roofing needs, from repair to replacement, trust Superior One Roofing and Construction to provide you with the level of service that your project deserves. Your roof is your first line of defense against Nature, make sure you choose a professional business that you can trust. With over 30 years of experience in your area, that clear choice is Superior One.

Here are just a few of the many facets of roofing that we cover:

Roof Replacement

Roof Coating

Whether you are replacing your roof due to hail damage, storms or wear and tear we can help you make the right investment that will last and add value to your home.



Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

Whether after a storm or as part of your maintenance program, roof inspections should be part of your preventative maintenance plan. Trust the professionals at Superior On to inspect your roof, commercial or residential, and to recommend the steps necessary to keep it in top working order. Our trained staff will help you to make sure your roof is protecting your property and possessions as intended. Read more.

Roof Installation

Roof InstallationYour property’s roof is one of the most important things to get right the first time. A properly installed roof will protect your property and possessions for years. Make sure you chose the professionals at Superior One when it comes time to install your roof. Residential, or commercial, we will make sure your roof is installed correctly. Superior One’s installers are trained and certified to ensure that your roof is installed expertly and in line with your roofing material warranty. Read more.

Roof Repair

Roof RepairDamage to your roof is something that every property owner faces, whether from damage or aging. When the time comes that you need roof repairs, trust the professionals with Superior One to inspect the damage,

assess the necessary repairs, and complete the project in a timely manner. Continual exposure to the elements after damage can cause serious problems in the interior of your property, primarily mold and rot. Superior One will complete the needed repairs quickly and efficiently to lessen additional damage from the elements. Read more.

Hail Damage Repair

Roof Repair

Hail can often be the most damaging weather condition to affect the roofing material of your property, whether residential or commercial. Contact our professional staff as soon as the storms subside, and we will conduct a thorough inspection to discover damage, and recommend solutions. Do not delay in getting hail damage repaired; leaks in the roof can lead to the growth of dangerous mold, which creates additional damage and hazards. Our inspectors are trained to notice damage specifically caused by hail, which this area is very susceptible to. Rapid response is the key to lessening the damage, so contact Superior One today! Read more.