Hail can often be the most damaging weather condition to affect the roofing material of your property, whether residential or commercial. Damage from hail can be extensive and immediate; significant damage is produced by any hail over 1¾”. This damage can be anything from leaks, to loss of roofing due to impact. It is highly recommended to have your roof inspected after any substantial hail storm to protect your investment from harm. Superior One Roofing has both the experienced roof inspectors and certified repair specialists to find and fix any potential problems.

Contact our professional staff as soon as the storms subside, and we will conduct a thorough inspection to discover damage, and recommend solutions. Do not delay in getting hail damage repaired; leaks in the roof can lead to the growth of dangerous mold, which creates additional damage and hazards. Our inspectors are trained to notice damage specifically caused by hail, which this area is very susceptible to. Superior One Roofing will then have their experienced roofing specialists make the repairs necessary to protect your investment.


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