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At Superior One Roofing, we offer both roof replacements and smaller roof repairs to our valued customers. However, sometimes the issue with your roof doesn’t warrant a full replacement. For instance, you might feel a sense of panic if you see a leak in your roof or a handful of missing shingles. Thus, a roof repair can be an effective way to keep your roof in good health, especially if there are only just a few small problems.

Moreover, your roof works hard everyday to protect you and your family from the elements, especially in the southern climate. For example, roofs could become damaged from intense storms, high winds, heavy hail, and deterioration from time. 

Although you might think fixing an issue on your roof can be a simple task, it is in fact a dangerous task to go up onto your roof. Especially after a storm, the risks of slipping and falling are much higher.

For that reason, give our experienced roofing team a call to schedule a free inspection of your roof. Surely, you can put your mind at ease as we will tell you the exact problems with your roof and the best ways to resolve the issue.

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Main Reasons for a Roof Repair


Firstly, some of your shingles may be damaged over time by harsh external conditions they protect you from. Surely, it’s normal to see damaged or missing shingles if your roof is particularly old, as it must put up with:

- High winds that can pry them loose.
- Granules that can wear off shingles over time.
- Pests that may break through your roof.
- Hail that dent or leave divots on your roof.


Secondly, we have our fair share of storms down here in the Southern Coastal States. Undoubtedly, these storms can wear down your roof over time, with high winds throwing around tree branches and creating nasty punctures. Thus, these repairs are more elaborate than just putting down a shingle or two and are best done by professionals.


Third, sealant is the material used around the edges of skylights, which can wear down over time in the heat. For instance, if the sealant becomes aged and cracked, then it would create a leak and wouldn't keep moisture outside. It’s better to be safe and get a roofing professional to take a look. Even if you feel comfortable to climb up on your roof to re-caulk new tar on the damaged area.


Lastly, roof ventilation can often be damaged by harsh storm conditions such as hail or intense winds. In that case, it’s a common practice in the roofing industry to install Turtle Vents. To install them it requires roofers to cut into the roof decking, which can lead to leaks, poor air circulation and heat buildup.

Undoubtedly, we go beyond the industry standard by installing Cobra Ridge Ventilation systems. Thus, providing effective top ventilation for the entire roof ridge length. Ask your roofing professional more about these vent systems and make your roof a Superior One.

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Superior One did a great job replacing my roof. The rep was very professional explaining the whole process and everything was done in the time stated. I couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend them to anyone!

 S. Hanson

GREAT customer service. I highly recommend superior one. They've come out on numerous occasions for free to just check on an issue. They treat me like a real person and not just another appointment and I love that about them.

 J. Loftin

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Superior one roofing was a great company to do my roof. Everything was quick, my roof was completed to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend them. Great experience!

M. Rodriguez

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