Symptoms and Causes of Common Roofing Problems

The Symptoms and Causes of Common Roofing Problems

Its common knowledge that to live a healthy and happy life, you should treat your body like a temple. However, many people don’t realize the same philosophy should apply to your home as well. If you neglect common roofing problems, they won’t just go away on their own.

Ignoring the leak in your roof will only escalate and cost you an arm and a leg in the long run. Well, maybe not actually an arm and a leg. But definitely will cost you your future plans for a new back deck, home extension, or your kid’s college fund.

Below I will cover the most common roofing problems to look out for and be aware of.

Common Roofing Problems to Look for Inside Your Home 

Leaks after a rainstorm

finding leak inside

Leaks in your roof are a telltale sign that there may be an opening in your roof and are nothing to ignore. Even small leaks can result in more significant problems such as damaged ceilings, destroyed insulation, rotting sheathing and framing, and mold.

It is always better to take the proper precautions and have a roofing professional inspect your roof. A quick free inspection could save you from having to scramble for the pots or buckets that’ll catch the rainwater.

Water Damage

dark spots on ceiling from water damage

Even if you do not explicitly see the stream of water coming from a leak in your roof, it is important to be aware of the other signs that would indicate a leak. Stains and dark streaks on your ceiling are a symptom of moisture reaching your ceiling.

This moisture from the roof can also reach the walls and leave stains from the top to the bottom. Aesthetically, but more importantly, structurally this is a huge problem that you should address by contacting a roofing contractor to help repair the root of the problem.

Exterior light showing in the attic 

A good test to see if there is any damage to your roof is to take a look inside your attic or a similar location where you can see the underside of the roof. With the lights off in your attic, on a bright day, you may be able to see small streaks or cracks of daylight shining through the roof. This is a clear sign that the roof is damaged or that shingles are missing. 

Common Roofing Problems to Look for Outside Your Home 

Shingle Health

There are a lot of signs of damage that you can look for from the ground level, or if you’re feeling adventurous enough you can get up onto your roof. However, the safest method is to just get a free inspection done by an experienced roofing contractor.  They both know what to exactly look for and can prescribe solutions.

Missing granules are important for aesthetic beauty, fire resistance, and UV ray protection to your home. From the ground level you can notice if your asphalt shingles are looking like they are worn out or bare. Shingles can begin to wear down over time and start to decay.Missing shingles

Decaying shingles happen over time and will become brittle, cracked, curled, or even fall off leaving the bare roof exposed. An inspection of your roof can identify the health of your shingles and determine whether a replacement is needed.

Fallen shingles that are on the ground outside your home should raise some alarm as it is a symptom of significant structural damage on your roof. Fallen shingles can result from: old roof age, improper installation, or strong winds.

Often times, many broken or missing shingles are a strong indication that you may need a roof replacement.

Check for environmental damage

Our homes are so much better at handling the elements and weathering the storms than we are. But that doesn’t mean the external environment doesn’t take its toll on the roof over time. Be sure to frequently conduct proper roofing maintenance practices and be aware of signs of wear and tear on your roof.

Biological Growth such as moss will grow on your roof and can be removed by cleaning the area with a mixture of bleach and water or can be simply brushed away. From the ground level, you can inspect your roof and look for these dark patches of growth.

wildlife in roofing system

Wildlife Damage can be a nuisance as the little critters that should be outside, try to make a home inside your roof. Once the little home-invader is removed (in a humane way) from your roof, the small holes in your roof can be repaired. It would also be wise to check your sources of roof ventilation to make sure that they are not clogged with nests or leaves. 

Wind or Hail Damage can create exposures in your roof that will lead to further issues down the line. After an intense storm, it is a good idea to inspect your roof for damage. Even small dents in the shingles from hailstones can build up and could become a source of leaks in the future.

Gutter Build up

As per the Spring cleaning tradition, good eavesdrop cleaning is a large part of essential roof maintenance. Whilst you’re up there it would be a good idea to look out for gutters that may be sagging or be showing signs of damage. If during your cleaning you notice a large build-up of granules, pieces of shingles, or other roof materials among the leaves, it could be an indication that your roof is getting old and you may need a roof replacement.

Symptoms of Common Roofing Problems

Much like with our personal health, symptoms may arise out of nowhere and have a longer-term effect if not taken care of immediately. The same goes with home and roof maintenance over time. There are a lot of unmistakable signs that you can look for both inside and outside your home. However, there are also things to be aware of that are not so noticeable as a hole in your roof.

Higher energy bills

Sudden Increase in utility bill

Something that could be a sign that you need a new roof but easy to blow off as not as big a deal, is an increase in your energy bills. You might think that it’s your kid spending more time on their phone and racking up the energy bill. But a better explanation is that your roof is aging, becoming thin, and not doing as good a job at keeping the appropriate climate inside your home.

Your roof is over a certain age

Dependent on the materials and the quality of installation of your roof. You should consider getting a new roof done when your roof is around 20 years old or so. However, if you go with a low-cost roofer who will cut corners and use cheap materials. Your roof’s lifespan will be considerably shorter. It is better to not wait for a disaster to strike to consider getting a checkup on your roof.

So, for your physical and financial health, you should treat your home like a temple the same way you take care of yourself. Don’t let those nagging issues go undealt with. Contact a trusted roofing contractor today to conduct an inspection on your home today.

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