Metal Roof Installation in Florida

Tile Roof in Delray Beach

Metal Roof Installation in Florida

We received a call about an interesting proposition for a tile to metal roof replacement in Delray Beach, Florida. Both roofing options are known for their longevity, stylish appearance, and energy savings. 

The caveat however is that this home is located directly next to a golf course. This means that a good line drive towards the roof can do more damage than a large hail pellet from the sky. Although tile is a durable material, it can still be cracked by flying golf balls. The homeowner called us to consult about possible solutions for this problem.  Turns out, a beautiful new metal roof is a more affordable option than fixing every golfer’s left slice in their swing.

Delray Beach roof replacement

Although we had a large task ahead of us, our crew was up for the challenge. Our project manager made sure each member of the team was equipped with the proper PPE. Once protected, we began work by tearing off all the old clay tiles on the roof.

When the roof was good and bare, we covered the entire roof with an underlayment that will help with the heating/cooling. Taking each sheet of metal with few crew members at a time, we laid each sheet to perfectly fit the complex curves and angles on the roof.

Once the job was done and we cleaned up the area. We prepared for the final inspection to make sure everything was up to code. In addition, you already know we had to fly the drone around to capture the fantastic job that our Superior One Roofing team did! This new metal roof installation will surely protect this home from any flying projectiles. Not to mention the other benefits of metal roofing which you can learn more about here!

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Metal Roof in Delray Beach

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