A leaky roof will never get better

A Leaky Roof Never Gets Better – Superior One Roofing

For some, a rainstorm can be serene, relaxing, a unique opportunity to reflect. But those people have never experienced a leaky roof. The panic that follows finding water where there shouldn’t be causes you to scramble for any pot, bucket, or hat to catch the unwelcomed droplets.

Below I will go through what you should do if your roof springs a leak during a storm.

Clean Up and Contain the Water Inside

The most important thing to do when you first notice a leak during a storm is to protect the inside of your home. Chances are that by the time you figure out that there is a leak in your roof, water has already gotten all over your floor, walls, or furniture. First, it is important to clean up the water inside your home before worrying about how it got in. In tandem with cleaning up the water, you must contain the water as well. Whether you put a cup, bucket, pot, or pan under the dripping water, you can’t just let the water flow freely in your home.

Find the Source of the Leak

dark spots on ceiling from water damage

Finding the leak source could be challenging, especially if you’re frantically looking for something knowing the rain will continue to come through. That is why we recommend that you conduct regular roof maintenance and often inspect your roof’s health.

It’s better not to dwell on what you could have or should have done; there are more critical things to address when your roof is leaking. Try to go up into your attic to search for any hole, crack, or visible moisture that could indicate the source of the leak. Pat your hand around the insulation to make sure the leak hasn’t dripped onto it.

From the outside, you should check and see whether your gutters are blocked and causing water to pool and seep into your roof. Call a professional roofing contractor to go up onto your roof to further inspect for damage.

Stop the Leak from the Source

You might be eager to get up on your roof and throwing a tarp over the leaking area, but this may not be the best idea to climb up on your roof during a heavy storm. Be the smart homeowner, and don’t risk your life when you can use roofing tape or caulk to help close the holes from the inside. Ensure that you call a roofing contractor as soon as possible to repair the damaged areas.

Need Help With A Leaky Roof?

Call a Professional Roofer

Generally, most homeowner’s insurance companies will cover roof leaks and other damages to your roof. However, this is sometimes dependent on if the roof is damaged due to a lack of maintenance. In this case, you may have to pay out of pocket for the repairs. Be on the safe side and take care of your roof with regular inspections. Especially if there is a leak in your roof, it is important to contact a roofing contractor as soon as you can to have that leak fixed.

However, accidents do happen, and storms can take a toll on our homes. If you find a leak in your home, we encourage you to contact us for a free inspection and estimate. Even if you find a minor leak, it won’t get better on its own.

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