Signs to look out for when identifying water damage in your home

How To Identify Roof Water Damage in Your Home

Your roof won’t start leaking every time there’s roof water damage in your home. Sometimes the signs of water damage will be so subtle, you won’t even notice it.

But just because you can’t easily see these damages doesn’t mean they’re harmless. 

They can lead to serious structural damage to your property, if not properly handled and repaired by a professional. These water damages can also result in mold formation which will affect the health of your family.

To avoid roof water damage, be aware of the following signs around your home especially after a storm:

1. Dark Spots or Discoloration

Spots or stains are one of the most common signs of roof water damage. This happens when water gets in between the walls and ceiling of your home. As the water dries, it will leave a dark mark in uneven shapes and sizes. Most of these stains will be either yellow, green, or brown in color. 

2. Warped FlooringWarped Flooring

The wooden flooring will start warping when there is humidity or wetness. It might start curling at the edges, or you might notice a bulge in the middle. Make sure you pay close attention to these as any kind of water damage in the floors can cause irreversible damage to the sub-flooring. 

3. Peeling or Bubbling Walls

This is similar to warped flooring but on the walls. If there’s humidity or wetness in your walls, you’ll notice bubbles on the wallpaper or peeling and flaking on your wall paint. This damage can also affect the sturdiness of your walls.

peeling or bubbling walls due to water damage

4. Unusual Odor

Notice if there’s any musty or moldy smell anywhere in your home. This kind of smell is caused by dampness and mold, and it will be most prominent near the area with water damage. Watch out for such smells especially after heavy rain or a storm.

And if you feel unsure, contact a professional for inspections

5. Sound of Running Water

sound of running water

After using our sense of smell, it’s time to use our sense of hearing. If you notice, late at night, that you can hear the sound of running water or dripping in the walls. Make sure all the faucets and fixtures in the house are turned off. And if you still hear the sound, this might be a sign of a leak or water damage.

6. Sudden Increase in Utility Bill

If you see a sudden spike in your utility bill, there might be a water leak in your house. Check for leaking pipes in the bathroom, basement, kitchen, laundry rooms, and your outside hoses. 

If you are unable to find a leak, the damage might be hidden somewhere. Contact a professional for help!

7. Broken Shingles broken shingles

After a storm or heavy rain, always check for missing/broken roof shingles. Even a small crack might lead to a shingle roof leak by becoming an entryway for water into your home.

How to Fix Roof Water Damage in Your Home?

A lot of times when we see these issues, we try to fix them ourselves. While you might be able to fix the visible damage, the underlying problem might be a lot serious.

If you come across this water damage in your home, it’s best to rely on a professional to inspect and repair the issue.

Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and consultation with our experienced team.


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