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Roof Replacement Service – 5 Things You Can Do To Get A Quality Job Done

Roof replacement is a big investment for homeowners. But it can turn into a nightmare if you hire the wrong people for the job. Plus, improper roof installation can risk the life of your family, lead to premature failure and void your warranty.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to ensure you are getting a quality roof replacement service:

1. Hire Quality Roofers

You’ll find a lot of roofing companies offering roof replacement services in your area. Most people talk to 4-5 companies and hire the one offering the lowest price quote. This is not a good practice.

You need to check who you are hiring to get a quality roof replacement service. A lot of companies hire unskilled labor to reduce their cost. These unskilled roofers will overlook a lot of small details while installing the roof. All of which will end up costing you much more in a few years.

It’s best to hire a roofing company that is experienced, reliable, and hires skilled workers. Here are a few things you can do to hire only the best roofing company:

  • Hire a local roofing company so you can get hold of them if something goes wrong in a few years.
  • Check for proper roofing licenses and insurance papers.
  • Read online reviews on websites like Better Business Bureau or Yelp.
  • Ask them to offer a warranty if their workmanship doesn’t hold up.
  • Don’t trust verbal agreements, get everything in writing.

2. Get the Old Roof Removed

You can install a new roof over the old one, but only if your old roof is in good condition. But you’ll have to get the old one removed if there are signs of deterioration, water leak, or if your house cannot support the weight of an additional layer of roofing material.

Only an experienced contractor will give you the right suggestion. A lot of unskilled roofers often suggest not removing the old roof just so they can save their time. Make sure you get a professional opinion on this to avoid larger and expensive problems later on.

3. Ask About the Sheathing

The sheathing also known as roof decking is a layer of wooden boards attached to the roof's trusses and joists. The shingles are attached on top of these boards.

Before starting to install a new roof, it is important that your roofer checks for any damage in your sheathing. A lot of times, sheathing becomes loose and needs to be re-nailed, or it might have other problems like not enough nails to fasten a particular section. If this problem isn’t fixed, the loose nails will pop out to create holes in your
new shingles, which can lead to a significant water leak.

You’ll have to ask your roofing company how they plan to fix these issues. Skilled roofers will take their time to repair rotted, loose, or worn-out roof sheathing. They might even include the costs of replacing a few pieces of sheathing in their cost estimate (just in case).

Don’t hire roofing contractors who seem unconcerned about your roof sheathing.

4. Improper Shingles Nailing & Installation

Your shingles need to be nailed and installed properly to prevent water leaks. The nails are supposed to be placed strategically in a way specified by the manufacturer. Failure to do so can even void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Be cautious of the roofers who use a pneumatic nail gun, as they often overlook the proper depth to which each nail needs to be set. These guns are not made to accompany different nailing situations. Hence, the nails will need to be driven deep using hands. 

Unskilled roofers won’t even be aware of the right overlap needed between shingle columns. They might not overlap the valley properly or put a nail in a seam or too close to the valley.

These are all things that will eventually increase the risk of cracks and leakage to your roof.

5. Cleaning Up The Job Site

Cleaning up the mess after roof replacement is part of the roofer’s job. They need to make sure all the debris like nails, pieces of fascia, wrappers are picked up from the job site.

An experienced roofing company makes sure to lay down plywood or tarps to protect the landscape. They’ll use magnets to find and remove nails that would otherwise fill your gutters or go down your downspout into your lawn.

Ask your contractor to outline the clean-up procedure in the final contract.

Hire The Best For Quality Roof Replacement Service

Getting your roof replaced can be overwhelming. It’s not a one-day job, your roofers will visit your home several times causing an interruption to your day-to-day life. But with the right contractors, the entire process of roof replacement can be completed efficiently and stress-free.

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