Protecting your roof from storm damage

Roof Storm Damage Prevention: 6 Actionable Tips to Protect Your Roof

The high winds, flash flooding, and lightning strikes during a storm can cause severe damage to your property. While some damages will be big enough to wreak havoc, others might go unnoticed and cause extensive structural damage.

Such damages would be even harder to recognize on shingled roofs. Hence, it’s important to keep an eye on the weather change and be prepared for storm damage, especially to your roofing system.

Roof Storm Damage Prevention – Practical Guide

Do the following things to ensure your roof is well-prepared for a storm…

1. Check Shingles & Chimneysexamining chimney

Try to safely check your roof shingles & chimneys for any damage. If you find any deterioration like a curled/cracked/missing shingle, get it fixed immediately. Even the smallest damage can set off massive destruction. 

2. Secure Loose Items in Yardloose items in yard

Any loose item like outdoor furniture or hanging plants can become a flying projectile during a storm. These things can get damaged themselves, or they might harm your house or fence by getting blown into them. You should move such items in your home or garage or tie them securely with a strong rope or garden hose.

3. Trim Overhanging Trees Overhanging trees

If you have a tree close to your roof, make sure its branches are at least 6 feet away from your roof. Heavy tree branches can break off and fall on top of your roof during a storm, causing damage to you and your roof. 

4. Secure Doors & WindowsSecuring windows and doors

Flying debris during a storm can enter your house by breaking a window. This can lead to a sudden increase in the air pressure inside your home. And when this pressure rises up, it decreases the strength of your roof. To avoid this, tightly secure your doors and windows and use plywood, if possible.

5. Clean The GuttersCleaning gutters

Clogged gutters can lead to water buildup on your roof. This water can start leaking into your house or the excess weight of wet leaves and debris can cause the gutter to collapse, taking a bit of your roof along with it.

6. Update Your Insurance Policy Updating your insurance policy

Unfortunately, some things are inevitable. Even after all the preparation, you might suffer damage to your roof. To prepare yourself for such situations, remember to keep your insurance policy up to date. Make sure you have no coverage gaps in your policy, and you fully understand your policy terms, amounts, etc. 

Also, take pictures and videos of your home to show to the claims adjuster.

Need help with Roof Storm Damage Prevention?

Hire a Professional Roofing Company

Assuming your roof can stand up against a bad storm is an imprudent decision. Your roof is an important and expensive asset to your house. And a lot of times the damage caused by bad weather is related to aging and neglected care.

Hence, you need to regularly hire a professional roofing company to check for any maintenance issues before the storm season starts. You can also hire a roofing professional to identify any damage caused after a storm has passed.

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